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We’ve sunk

It’s official, it’s winter. All my gang have been poorly with seasonal lurgies and it’s snowed! The morning we woke up to the snow there was lots of yelling and excitement. There wasn’t much but Nick managed to get out in the garden and throw a few snow balls before school and Winnie our greyhound ran her laps with extra gusto.

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Making Maki and eating plants

So this week I’ve seen my boys turn 10 – double figures! We’ve celebrated and I’ve felt old, emotional and very proud. We’ve been to Futuroscope which was fab. Being dangled upside down in a giant robot hand and raised to dizzying heights in the Aerobar – happy days.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and go vegan….

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Autumnal Angst

It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago I was swimming in the sea. White sand, sun glistening on the clear water and a snooze on the beach in our undies soaking up the sun!
Who flicked the switch? Autumn is well and truly upon us and with that comes a sense of dread. Rain, cold, muddy boot and paw prints everywhere, germs – snot, darkness, hibernation. Oh, I can’t bear it!

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Printing birthday kisses

The courgettes that are the size of marrows say it all – an extreme lack of gardening. A big storm, sunshine but a drop in temperature. A couple of cool crisp refreshing mornings which personally I like a lot. Winnie seems to agree and had been running laps around the garden relishing a breath of cooler air.


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