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our best bits

Our last blog night of the year and we’ve rounded up some pics. 23 little trees 2015……


M: I’ve never seen anyone sooo excited about planting leeklets! I spose that is one of the best things about working with Hal this year; revisiting the wonder and enthusiasm I’d lost on the long solo slog…

Hal: The day I fell in love with leeks. The only issue I have with this photo is I look like I’ve been let out of an institution….

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Vegetable matters…

Many years before moving to France I was lucky enough to be offered the birthday gift of a weekend in Paris. The friends who took me were staying with some terribly chic Parisiens in a beautiful suburb ( the name, ah age, escapes me now,) somewhere on the way to Fontainebleau. We arrived in the early evening, were shown to our rooms and invited to wash up before meeting in the garden for dinner. The gorgeous house, ( I seem to remember our host was an architect,) and then the amazing walled enchantment of a garden had me feeling just a mite overwhelmed and more than a little out of my depth. Continue reading Vegetable matters…

Making Maki and eating plants

So this week I’ve seen my boys turn 10 – double figures! We’ve celebrated and I’ve felt old, emotional and very proud. We’ve been to Futuroscope which was fab. Being dangled upside down in a giant robot hand and raised to dizzying heights in the Aerobar – happy days.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and go vegan….

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Oh Fig…..

I have been a right miserable cow this week. A nightmare to live with – Paul I hold my hands up and admit it.
Now the reason for this ongoing mood is pretty pathetic – I’m an arm down as I have had a carpal tunnel op. But, in my defence this house is a foot down and a chicken down too. Let me explain.

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