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our best bits

Our last blog night of the year and we’ve rounded up some pics. 23 little trees 2015……


M: I’ve never seen anyone sooo excited about planting leeklets! I spose that is one of the best things about working with Hal this year; revisiting the wonder and enthusiasm I’d lost on the long solo slog…

Hal: The day I fell in love with leeks. The only issue I have with this photo is I look like I’ve been let out of an institution….

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A Room of One’s Own…


If you’ve been following the blog since the summer, you’ll know that we’re more than a bit rubbish at prioritising. As long as the weather is holding we work outdoors, cook outdoors, eat outdoors and play outdoors. We even constructed the mezzanine on the terrace to make the most of mild summer evenings and roll out the sleeping bags. And then the first grim days of autumn roll in and we find ourselves moving back into a house that isn’t quite ready to receive us…Why the surprise ? It’s not like we expected the renovation fairies to wave their wands while we were otherwise occupied. And it’s not like we’ve ever done it differently… Continue reading A Room of One’s Own…

….and then the sun came out

After a bit of a gloomy week we did what we knew we had to do – get muddy!

Mandy protected the rhubarb and celeriac from the cold. The straw from the greenhouse that was snug around the tomatoes and peppers toes was moved out to guard our loot from the frost.

The first celery of the season was cut and enjoyed, tomatoes picked and beetroot the size of footballs were pulled – oops, as were some weeds.

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Dirty hands, clean mind.

The appalling attacks in Paris this friday were, perhaps for me the low point in few months of steadily growing distress. These came on top of the nightmare that is the middle eastern refugee crisis and growing awareness of just how close we are to living under a totalitarian corporate regime (just look at the TTIP trade agreement if you doubt.) Continue reading Dirty hands, clean mind.

Found, one lost orchard.

We had a wonderful offer a little while ago, a couple of our readers/friends have a holiday home not far from us. They dream of retiring over here and come whenever they can, but unfortunately never seem to make it when their rambling orchard is offering it’s best. Saddened by the waste they thought of us – can you make use of our fruit ? Do bears shit in the woods ?! Continue reading Found, one lost orchard.