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Cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes……….

Just one rotton cold and suprise, suprise, I’ve lost my voice – again.

Now I don’t know, but there could be the tiniest possibility of a link between that and all the cigarettes it is my habit to consume on a daily basis. Us smokers can be rather clever at hiding sad truths from ourselves ; and my relationship with the evil weed is certainly a case in point.

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Brittany Bites

A girlie week au bord de la mer, exploring a new patch of France and breathing in some sea air. We’ve been on our holidays to Penmar’ch on the south coast of Brittany.
Boy, it’s been a treat to the senses. The sight and sounds of the sea. To feel the sand beneath my feet and to taste the delights of the region. Having grown up by the sea I guess I just took the beach for granted and I haven’t missed it but to be back is rather lovely and particularly such a beautiful spot.

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Guest post by Jan Sutton

Fancy a brew?

Producing all that home-grown veg can be thirsty work so with bumper strawberry and rhubarb crops this summer I was tempted to expand our home-brewing range to include some more girly tipples, starting with strawberry vodka. This simply involves steeping the strawberries in vodka until a beautifully syrupy drink develops and then straining it to give a gorgeous clear pink drink. The taste is delicious – summer, strawberries, Wimbledon! A good one for Christmas presents – if there’s any left by then.

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tête à tête

Fleece is my new obsession. Price, colours, thickness shipping costs…..and the reason why is hats, us girls have been making hats and lots of them.

We are going to be sending our hats up to the Calais Jungle and hope they will help keep a few heads warm and they will know they were hand made by a gang of women who just want to help. It feels good to be doing something productive. Solidarity. People coming together for a common cause. Girl power!

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September Sounds….

Is that swallows I spy a’gathering? 😦

Yeah, gotta face facts, summer really has drawn to a close. And I, like all flaky grasshoppers out there who have somehow made it through the odd season or three, have the fear of winter creeping upon me. There are all sorts of reasons to love the autumn ; mushrooms and chestnuts, apples and walnuts, cider and oh nuts – I bloody hate the cold !

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