Monthly Archives: June 2015

Kitties galore

Cor, it’s been an exciting week!
Paul and Mandy have been on a real musical high since the preview of ‘Invitation’ and Paul’s been working hard in the studio on their next tune.
Creativity in the studio has spilled out into the garden too and Paul upcycled some wood into this super cool garden swing bed……

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Making Meat a Treat…

Driving the kids to school last week, radio blaring, I became aware of a bit of a polemic brewing . The subject ? The slaughter of an innocent wild boar for televisual purposes. Now one could easily imagine I’d be on the boars side, but sorry porky, not this time. Maybe I should elaborate on the circumstances that provoked the horror of NRJ’s morning presenters and their guests…

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Garden observations….

So, this week Toby has had his tonsils out and I can confirm that my favourite of all the ice-creams and lollies that I have sampled this week is Hyper U’s coconut ice-cream! It would have been unsupportive not to join in surely?

At Thibois we planted out the cabbages and brussel sprouts. Turns out both Mandy and I are serious fans of those little farty things – winter does have some advantages I guess.

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