Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Party!

What a fabulous party!
It wasn’t without it’s dramas and certainly zapped all my organisational powers but it all came together and was a great night.
Friday we managed to get the marquees up before the rain came. Boy did it come down. As we sat under the canvas hardly able to hear ourselves speak with the heavy rain mum cracked out the whiskey and we reassured ourselves that it would be fine – fine…..
Friday night I lay in bed listening to the rain and wind hoping it would change but resigned to the fact the show will go on regardless.

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Uncommon Decency

Phew, yet another staggeringly busy week ā€“ rife with little life lessons that have me once again feeling deeply grateful for all that we have.

To thank them for all their help and support with their move to France, Hal decided to throw her folks a giant joint birthday party. I’ve been watching her make lists and tick boxes for weeks ā€“ she’s made it all look so easy I haven’t had to give it much thought until this week when the to do list just got too goddamned long Continue reading Uncommon Decency


This week we are celebrating my parents birthdays and lots of friends and family will be travelling over from the UK. It’s an unexpectedly emotional time. The excitement of seeing people who IĀ  haven’t seen for a long time, the fear the party will be a flop. How lucky I feel to have the time and energy to plan the event – that I want to – that my nearest and dearest want to be part of it. Friends that are helping – Mandy, you’ve been a star…..oooh I’m all sixes and sevens!!!

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