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Chocolate cake!

I don’t know about Madame Pickles, I seem to be Mrs Cakes recently, it was Harry’s birthday just after New Year when carrot cake and coffee walnut cake were requested. It’s always a joy to lose myself in the kitchen – such as it is! My work surface is a pasting table with a plastic table cloth on top…. That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my mission and was delighted when I was asked to produce chocolate cake for Paul, my favourite son-in-law’s birthday. (I can say that, he’s the only one I’ve got!)


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We’ve sunk

It’s official, it’s winter. All my gang have been poorly with seasonal lurgies and it’s snowed! The morning we woke up to the snow there was lots of yelling and excitement. There wasn’t much but Nick managed to get out in the garden and throw a few snow balls before school and Winnie our greyhound ran her laps with extra gusto.

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We’re sprouting…..

So this week we will be exploring in some detail the serious topic of sprouting.

One day your chin is as smooth as a babies bum and then you run your fingers over and wah! Where did that come from? Tweezers quick……

looking good from here….


Spot any?



She knows how it feels…


Uh oh…


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