About 23littletrees

We garden and we cook!

Passionate about taking food from a tiny seed to a taste explosion.

Feeding our families in the best way we can.

We don’t clock up food miles, we don’t use chemicals and we don’t eat strawberries in December. We do make the most of what we have – land, time, energy, passion…..passion for mud under the finger nails, being outdoors, watching our food grow, cooking and eating it. Fabulous food. Simple food. Fresh from the ground, preserved, bottled, dried – ensuring our plates are delicious and nutritious all year round.
Follow us through the seasons as we make the most of what the ground has to offer. You’ll find recipes and tutorials as we live, love and learn about smallholding in Normandie.




mandy and hal xxx


11 thoughts on “About 23littletrees

  1. This is what I love about blogging! Meeting like-minded souls halfway across the world! Love your blog and look forward to trying out some of your recipes! Have a great Christmas and look forward to reading more in the New Year! Happy productive gardening!!!

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  2. Hi there, we live local to you (Beauchene 61800) and have similar aspirations (palmer-permaculture.blogspot.com), could we swap contact details and perhaps meet for tea and seed swap? Kindest Regards Tim of the Family Palmer.


    1. Hi Tim, great blog – I see you are an ex-Brightonian too!!! Would be great to meet. Thanks for getting in touch We are just about to start (trying) to make some films so not much free time. Are you aware of the Normandy Smallholders? We meet most months. Fancy catching up there? I hope the rain isn’t slowing you down too much. πŸ™‚


      1. We have not heard of Normandy smallholders do you have any contact details? Great minds think alike we are going to do some multilingual movies with kit french wwoofer! Tim


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