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our best bits

Our last blog night of the year and we’ve rounded up some pics. 23 little trees 2015……


M: I’ve never seen anyone sooo excited about planting leeklets! I spose that is one of the best things about working with Hal this year; revisiting the wonder and enthusiasm I’d lost on the long solo slog…

Hal: The day I fell in love with leeks. The only issue I have with this photo is I look like I’ve been let out of an institution….

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Dirty hands, clean mind.

The appalling attacks in Paris this friday were, perhaps for me the low point in few months of steadily growing distress. These came on top of the nightmare that is the middle eastern refugee crisis and growing awareness of just how close we are to living under a totalitarian corporate regime (just look at the TTIP trade agreement if you doubt.) Continue reading Dirty hands, clean mind.

It’s nuts

“Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out.”
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
I like a bit of of a quote and this is one that frequently runs through my mind. Those moments when it’s easier to say no to something outside my comfort zone only to kick myself later for not trying. Sometimes you can think and analyse ’til the cows come home but when alls said and done what you actually need to do is just do it, roll the dice, throw the balls in the air and go for it.

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Cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes, cigarettes……….

Just one rotton cold and suprise, suprise, I’ve lost my voice – again.

Now I don’t know, but there could be the tiniest possibility of a link between that and all the cigarettes it is my habit to consume on a daily basis. Us smokers can be rather clever at hiding sad truths from ourselves ; and my relationship with the evil weed is certainly a case in point.

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