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Why buy ? (when nature gives for nout.)

When Hal and I first talked about joining forces, herbs were high on my my agenda ; the creation of an extensive plantation with the intention of developing tasty teas and potions was a major part of the plan. But with so many ideas elbowing for attention my aromatic vision got sort of sidelined. Well, autumn is well and truly here, the garden is looking pretty tidy, and my sidekick may well be starstruck, but I want to get on with the nurturing of my witchly tendancies. With that in mind, this morning I cackled my way out to wander the proposed site and mull over the possibilites. Continue reading Why buy ? (when nature gives for nout.)

It’s nuts

“Many people die with their music still in them. Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it time runs out.”
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
I like a bit of of a quote and this is one that frequently runs through my mind. Those moments when it’s easier to say no to something outside my comfort zone only to kick myself later for not trying. Sometimes you can think and analyse ’til the cows come home but when alls said and done what you actually need to do is just do it, roll the dice, throw the balls in the air and go for it.

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Willow Wonder

So when you’ve done your business in the toilet, finished the washing up or had a shower you flush, pull the plug or turn off right? Well, not in this house. For the 6 months we’ve been living here I feel we’ve given our drains a life times worth of thought. We just weren’t flowing right and far too frequently not at all. I’ll spare you the details, we’ve come out the other end (!) and I still can’t express the joy of a shower where someone doesn’t yell, ‘get out, there’s water everywhere….’

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Found, one lost orchard.

We had a wonderful offer a little while ago, a couple of our readers/friends have a holiday home not far from us. They dream of retiring over here and come whenever they can, but unfortunately never seem to make it when their rambling orchard is offering it’s best. Saddened by the waste they thought of us – can you make use of our fruit ? Do bears shit in the woods ?! Continue reading Found, one lost orchard.

Making Maki and eating plants

So this week I’ve seen my boys turn 10 – double figures! We’ve celebrated and I’ve felt old, emotional and very proud. We’ve been to Futuroscope which was fab. Being dangled upside down in a giant robot hand and raised to dizzying heights in the Aerobar – happy days.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and go vegan….

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