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We’re sprouting…..

So this week we will be exploring in some detail the serious topic of sprouting.

One day your chin is as smooth as a babies bum and then you run your fingers over and wah! Where did that come from? Tweezers quick……

looking good from here….


Spot any?



She knows how it feels…


Uh oh…


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Sowing the seeds…

Well, gathering them if you really want to get pedantic… It’s been a glorious week back in the garden. Filthy hands, knees, face – a growing collection of scrapes and bruises to be nurtured and the most perfect of weather for harvesting…My mental health can but profitĀ !

Difficult to know where to begin with so many jobs on the to do list. But the declining temperatures have me a little concerned about frost. Desirous of un-squished squash I headed over to the experimental pumpkin patch. Experimental for several reasons and frankly not a huge success for any.

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