We’ve sunk

It’s official, it’s winter. All my gang have been poorly with seasonal lurgies and it’s snowed! The morning we woke up to the snow there was lots of yelling and excitement. There wasn’t much but Nick managed to get out in the garden and throw a few snow balls before school and Winnie our greyhound ran her laps with extra gusto.

_DSC0081 _DSC0073

And those 2 things, snow and illness have dominated the week. The seeds we sprouted are scrumptious – sorry couldn’t resist that. Ah, we’ve had mixed results – story of our lives at 23littletrees! The mung beans were ace and have been added to sandwiches and stir fries. We started with old seeds and they were past it….. seeds that expired in 2013. I guess there is some point to use by dates!!!

Madame Pickles has been supporting our vegan pledge and cooking chocolate cakes. A vegan and non-vegan cake ready for Paul’s birthday celebrations this week. Well done MP, I knew you had it in you 😉

So, finally before I sign off I just thought I’d share our latest planet saving attempt. We’ve gone vehicle free. Oh yer, no emissions for us. Yep, it wasn’t a tough decision. More one that was thrust upon us or should I say sunk upon us. Tilly, our beloved old camper is currently stuck in our garden….in a bog. We parked it there all the time in the summer!!! Paul and I spent ages pushing, pulling, laughing (me) and cursing (Paul) and we have walked away having decided not going shopping today is a good thing. Who needs loo roll anyway and aren’t life’s lessons (don’t park your vehicle on a water logged field) best learned first hand….covered in mud?

I know I’m a big lass but seriously?
No emissions?
Go on then Mr….
Yep, on film!

Thank goodness for hot chocolate, sweetened soya milk with cocoa of course 😉

Hal xxx

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