The Party!

What a fabulous party!
It wasn’t without it’s dramas and certainly zapped all my organisational powers but it all came together and was a great night.
Friday we managed to get the marquees up before the rain came. Boy did it come down. As we sat under the canvas hardly able to hear ourselves speak with the heavy rain mum cracked out the whiskey and we reassured ourselves that it would be fine – fine…..
Friday night I lay in bed listening to the rain and wind hoping it would change but resigned to the fact the show will go on regardless.

Saturday morning we discovered the bar tent blown down the garden but the clouds were clearing and the sun came out – oh what a difference a bit of sun can make and I was extremely grateful to see it. Saturday was so much fun, people were coming and going, helping, teasing, laughing. With people like that around you anything feels possible, no problem that can’t be over come.
It was mind blowing seeing so many old faces in one night. Friends that I hadn’t seen for years who just turned up on Saturday and after emotional re-unions just got stuck in and helped. Just like we’ve never been apart. So as the garlands were hung we managed to catch up on the last few years highs and lows, future hopes and dreams….

Brother Nick & cousin Rich setting up the bar
Elfie & Daisy getting all the glasses washed up and shiney
Hey, I think we’ve done it! Just enough time left to glamourise
Paul, Hal, Mandy & Christophe – Here we go!
Let the music play
and the dancing begin!

Mum, dad, happy birthday and thank you. I’m going to take this opportunity to say, you’re the best.

Thank you to everyone that mucked in, celebrated and helped make it such a cracking night.

Memories of people attempting to use the unicycle, win tug of war, throw some serious moves on the dance floor and bounce around on space hoppers will keep me smiling for a long time.

Voila, it’s over. Just like that. And now Mandy and I are knackered, absolutely wiped out. Sore throats, the whole nine yards. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

Now we’re into the after party stage. 26 of us went for lunch on Monday followed by drinks and a quick nose around here at 23. Then more drinks with family that have stayed on for the week….it’s been a hard week 😉 Next week detox.


1 thought on “The Party!

  1. We had a marvellous night. A huge thank you to everyone, there are so many of you! Most importantly, thanks to Harriet for organising everything including the wonderful surprises, to Paul for quietly being there, Mandy you are a star! To family and friends, thanks for turning up and making it so brilliant for Barry and me.
    Love you all! Lorraine xxx


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