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Oh Fig…..

I have been a right miserable cow this week. A nightmare to live with – Paul I hold my hands up and admit it.
Now the reason for this ongoing mood is pretty pathetic – I’m an arm down as I have had a carpal tunnel op. But, in my defence this house is a foot down and a chicken down too. Let me explain.

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Getting our groove on

The sunflower heads are the size of dinner plates and stand towering above us – giants of flowers; the hollyhocks look intimidated. Eyes squinting in the sun to look at them. The bees buzzing in and out of the yellow glow.


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This week we are celebrating my parents birthdays and lots of friends and family will be travelling over from the UK. It’s an unexpectedly emotional time. The excitement of seeing people who I  haven’t seen for a long time, the fear the party will be a flop. How lucky I feel to have the time and energy to plan the event – that I want to – that my nearest and dearest want to be part of it. Friends that are helping – Mandy, you’ve been a star…..oooh I’m all sixes and sevens!!!

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