Back to life…


And despite the nervous exhaustion engendered by the last ten days of fun and limited sleep, reality is still pretty cool. I’m probably only postponing the bump but hey – no reason yet to frown.

Hit the ground running this morning with a 10 a.m. call onto set for ‘The Garden’ a short film written by our pal Claire and the latest of Zolascope’s productions, not the easiest of days, fatigue didn’t aid my already pants memory, but we had some great laughs and got through the shot list – all being well, should wrap tomorrow night.



Hotfooted it back to the studio at the end of the day madly eager to hear the final version of the new song – yup the boy has finished the job. Ooh I is terribly pleased and I do hope yous all is too…

And to top it all thanks to my mate Hal not only do I still have a garden, but it’s looking bloody fabulous. Crammed a bowlful of tomatoes and beans in my face before scooting over here to drink my first pastis in a fortnight and toast a sublime summer.


mandy xxx

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