This week we are celebrating my parents birthdays and lots of friends and family will be travelling over from the UK. It’s an unexpectedly emotional time. The excitement of seeing people who I  haven’t seen for a long time, the fear the party will be a flop. How lucky I feel to have the time and energy to plan the event – that I want to – that my nearest and dearest want to be part of it. Friends that are helping – Mandy, you’ve been a star…..oooh I’m all sixes and sevens!!!

I guess the point I’m making here is just how important our connections can be and how fast time goes by and just how easy it is to be complacent about it all. I’m a firm believer in feeling grateful and I’ve been doing that a lot this week.

As for the garden – I’m missing it! Party planning has kept me away but I’ve managed to enjoy the contents of the garden even if I haven’t been working in it. Sunshine yellow beetroot, freshly dug spuds, the intense flavours of freshly picked basil and juicy tomatoes. Cucumbers that look like the BFG’s Snozzcumbers, courgettes that grow at a fierce rate – turn your back and they explode and lets not forget the broad beans – stir fried, in a curry, on their own um, um, uuuummmmm.


Toby & Nick had a fantastic day at Maylin’s tie dye workshop. Our wardrobes have been given an injection of colour and their napkins for school are now very funky! The opportunity to learn new skills and try out new things in the coolest of settings – a yurt that the boys have nicknamed the Harry Potter house.


Dad took me out for a lovely supper in Domfront followed by a sunset stroll around the castle. It was great to spend some time with him. My dad has the ability to drive me crazy – proper round the twist and up the wall but he can also be the best and when the chips are down or I don’t know what way to turn he seems to be the one to somehow influence the biggest of decisions.


It was my father-in-law Frank’s birthday this week and we had a fun evening celebrating in style…….


These boys really are getting into the whole dressing up thing! Any excuse eh?

So, a birthday apero that ended at 1am – a good time was had by all!

As for the animals…..

Winnie (our old greyhound) is in a state of feline adjustment.

The kittens are doing well – they’re very much at home!


and the chickens are having a ball. Off down the garden, hiding in the hedgerow, sitting on the lounge window sill fascinating us all and making us smile.

Time. Never enough of it or am I still just trying to do too much, fit too much in. I read this week that, ‘The more real wealth we have—such as friends, skills, libraries, wilderness, and afternoon naps—the less money we need in order to be happy.’ Now, I couldn’t agree more but I’ve got to get my head around the napping idea. I’ve just got too much to do – I couldn’t possibly nap….. Hey, old habits die hard.


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