Kitties galore

Cor, it’s been an exciting week!
Paul and Mandy have been on a real musical high since the preview of ‘Invitation’ and Paul’s been working hard in the studio on their next tune.
Creativity in the studio has spilled out into the garden too and Paul upcycled some wood into this super cool garden swing bed……

The garden at Thibois is looking very ‘propre’ and rather beautiful. The garden is such a great example of the art of patience – it feels like it’s never going to happen and then you step back and bang it’s all there. Having never been a patient person it’s a good lesson to be (finally) learning and I’m loving the rewards.
I’ve had a leek lesson and I love those lanky legumes. The moment Mandy put the fork in the ground the smell of them took me right back to my nan’s out-house where she would store all her home grown produce. It was a lovely nostalgic moment. Reminising aside leeks are great fun. Thinning them out, giving each one a little haircut and then making the holes for them to stand up in. Now they stand for months and wait to cheer up autumn and winter…… leeks shredded in vinegarette, drenched in a rich cheese sauce, steaming leek and spud pie……..

We had Thibois take-away this week and it was a real ‘yes’ moment when I drove away from a day’s work with Christophe’s home produced cheese and a huge salad from the garden. A quick stop at the boulangerie for a baguette and dinner was done!


The garden really is all about enjoying the fruits of the labour now. The last patch of unharvested land has been dug, the broad beans are strung and everything is standing to attention looking fabulous!
Outside the potager we had a great night collecting the hay bales – hard work in the sun but a real laugh and when I was trying to explain in French that the hay was literally everywhere I learnt that us girls wear culottes and the boys wear slips……

photo 1

At 23 the fruit trees are coming to life. The cherry tree is heavy with fruit and the apple trees are looking good too. It’s such a joy to see the garden unfold!


Our friend Elle’s lime tree is also looking good and we were invited over to pick the flowers to dry to make tisane. On the drive over however I spotted these 2 dumped on the road side out of the corner of my eye……..


Sadly dumped kittens are not an unusual find here but as a newbie to it all I couldn’t leave them. We scooped them up and took them over to Elle & Mike where they received immediate care and attention.


What happened to them? Well, I took them home and introduced them to Paul and luckily it was love at first sight. They’re delightful and despite only being around 4 weeks old are doing really well. Introducing Elle & Cwtch (Welsh for cuddle) to the fold!

Elle & Elle

The other animal action this week…. I’ve had my first attempt at goat milking. Christophe has hopes that I can learn to milk and then care for the goats in his absence. Lets just say I need a bit more practice! The dog and chickens seem to be on a mission to escape – the rabbits lead winnie of on an adventure this week but luckily she returned in one piece and the chickens have decided the grass is greener on the other side and seem to be everywhere they shoudn’t.
It’s beast domination!!!!
To finish for this week here’s a bit of birdy footage we thought one of our readers might like. Thanks for your comments ‘ Barsteward’ this is for you…….


1 thought on “Kitties galore

  1. Love your writing style, harriet! Your voice, Mandy, is as fabulous as I thought it would be, and the idea of the swing bed is FABULOUS!!!!! is it patented? xxxxx


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