At 23 we’ve had our first guest come to stay this week. Jacqui an old nursing friend from Brighton braved it and we think she had a good time. The sun shone and we filled the days sight seeing – visiting La Ferte Mace, Mayenne, Saint Suzanne and Lassay les Chateaux.

Jacqui at Lassay les Chateaux

IMG_1792 We played silly games in the garden – who’d have thought that it’s not easy (we never did find one) to source a cricket bat in France to play French cricket! Luckily Paul made us a beast of a bat.¬†Jacqui sampled Calvados, milked a goat, cuddled a chicken and discovered a liking for sweet black coffee. IMG_1925

We sat outside until the early hours with crackling fires and the stars shining above. Ate Christophe’s goat cheese and salad from Thibois under the shade of a tree and slowly but surely consumed a rather large amount of beer! The drains are still a drain. Glass half full, the toilet is flushing so Jac avoided the garden chair composting loo. The willow tree has been cut down to stop any further problems with it’s thirsty fibrous roots. IMG_3616


Whilst Jacqui and I indulged in a 6 course lunch the A Team got chain-sawing, chipping and making a garden sculpture.


Thanks Keith, Mandy and Christophe. It’s very sad to have to cut a healthy, beautiful tree down but we have put heaps of cuttings into water and hope they will root and we will be able to plant them to create a willow dome. So, I haven’t really got my hands very dirty this week. When we have been to Thibois it’s been to enjoy the fruits of our labour…… IMG_1888

If the garden at 23 produces plates of food like that next year I will be over the moon! Freshly picked veg dipped into home made Faisselle flavoured with chives and seasoned to perfection. Does it get much better than that? After our delicious supper together we all went to Domfront to celebrate the summer solstice at the music fete. Standing around a roaring fire in the castle grounds listening to folk music Domfront fire blog

and then dancing in the street to a cheesey disco – great fun!

Lastly, I would like to introduce 3 new furry friends.

Frank has acquired 2 kittens – a brother and sister duo named Kitty and Chip.

And Flint, my mum Lorraine’s puppy.


Jacqui’s now returned to England, the holiday’s over – back to work. hal

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