Didn’t you used to be in a band ?

Well yeah, in another life – or that’s what it’s felt like pretty much since I moved to France sixteen years ago .
I did have a major creative itch about ten years past, got hold of some music software, taught myself how to use it and wrote a bunch of new songs. The high lasted about eighteen months, I’d work like an idiot, get just so far then flounder, not knowing where to take it or how. I was musically lonely, used to working in bands and fed up with bouncing ideas off of my bedroom wall. There followed an extended Moroccan adventure and my second pregnancy. The computer went down in an electical storm and the software with it . The back-up discs sat in a box on a shelf for a few years which then got transferred to the back of a barn in the move to Thibois. Life, as they say, went on.

When I first met Hal she told me a couple of things about her other half which had me all ears – For a while I had been considering rebuying the music software to open up the old files and take a peek, but was hesitating at the thought of spending money for a bad suprise ; a ‘good’ idea can so often reveal itself not quite the thing the morning after, let alone ten years later – So when the words musician and geek fell from her lips I decided to nab Paul at the first occaision to see if he could help me out.

We did chat, about music and computers amongst other getting to know you stuff and he, as eager as I for musical company, readily offered his assistance. A couple of weeks later I was ensconced in my daughters bedroom at her old desktop, clutching my headphones afraid to hit the play button. The trepidation proved uneccesary. Chuffed to bits I was. Wow, there were some good songs there, but still, what to do with it all ?

In the interim Paul had played me some of the tunes from his last Brighton project – Re-load, a prog rock kinda pop that could be safely said to be a million miles from my electro-folk leanings. But though the style wasn’t really my thang, I thought the production was truly artful. So when he told me he would love to have a go at working on my old songs I was intrigued, flattered and eager to hear what he’d do with it all.

Well what a magical union it has turned out to be.

A few months after handing over the discs (we’ve all been a little busy this spring !) I put the vocals down on our first track.


That was yesterday, and today, hot off the decks,I’m extremely proud to present our first joint project. We’ve yet to settle on a name, but the track is called Invitation…..

Cutchus –  Invitation now on Youtube 🙂

’til next week,


8 thoughts on “Didn’t you used to be in a band ?

  1. Hey! Was so excited, but can’t seem to hear your tune on (not so) smartphone, can u share it another way? Much love and happy solstice.


    1. brilliant to hear from you hunny pie, we’re just trying to fix the glitch – seems to play fine on chrome at the moment, but not with firefox so we’re trying to upload onto youtube – watch this space bises bises bises xxxx


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