Garden observations….

So, this week Toby has had his tonsils out and I can confirm that my favourite of all the ice-creams and lollies that I have sampled this week is Hyper U’s coconut ice-cream! It would have been unsupportive not to join in surely?

At Thibois we planted out the cabbages and brussel sprouts. Turns out both Mandy and I are serious fans of those little farty things – winter does have some advantages I guess.

The sun has shone this week but on Thursday afternoon it poured down. Mandy and I were not going to be stopped and we worked on creating a pumpkin patch. The rain ran down our necks and off the end of our noses whilst we laughed, sang and quickly got the job done! Zuno the donkey’s dung, kitchen compost and other rotted garden waste covered in black plastic with holes cut in for the pumpkin plants. At least we didn’t need to worry about watering them in!

The peas I planted at Thibois have vanished – vanished. Slow germination? We had a dig to find out and no, no peas to be found. Mice? I did sow them didn’t I?
The peas have now been re-sown but in pots this time.

We created a brilliant bean frame out of an old tent poles. Christophe very kindly let us pinch them from his materials barn and we managed to get the frame into position. To watch us must have been a sight – we wobbled and fell – our arms just weren‘t long enough for the job but between us we got it sorted and the bean frame looks great.

Saturday night we went fishing in the pond – the same pond the kids all fell into a few weeks ago. Toby and Nick had a wonderful time pulling fish after fish out of the water. Toby was fisherman extraordinaire and Nick took great pride in gently unhooking the fish and putting them in the bucket. The boys are hooked – so much so Nick got his grandad Barry to take him fishing the next day!


More along the animal theme now – tiny baby frogs. One of the best aspects of the garden is how childlike and wonderfully simple it can feel. Wearing old clothes with ripped knees, mud under nails, bending, stretching and twisting along the wooden planks, around bean poles and under an electric fence. To be completely engrossed in the task, free. To indulge the senses – look, smell and hear all that is going on in the garden. It’s bliss. The excitement amongst us when we noticed the ground was moving with an army of baby frogs is a great example of that childlike enthusiasm – getting down on the ground and catching them to get a closer look – so tiny. Where are they all going?

Frog in hand

And….from frogs to toads. From tiny to huge. We were pulling rhubarb and boy did Mandy jump. A toad so well camouflaged and beautifully patterned. We had destroyed poor toad’s home taking away all those huge parasol rhubarb leaves and leaving her exposed to the world. We covered her back up so she could gather her thoughts at least. Perhaps she’ll bed down with the mole cricket?

We also had a sonic boom this week – the dogs amongst us were less than impressed as the windows shook. Anyway, that’s all from me. As a final note look at this rather well groomed rat that we caught on film feeding on organic slug pellets. Thisbois has glow worms and at 23 we have rats….


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