September Sounds….

Is that swallows I spy a’gathering? 😦

Yeah, gotta face facts, summer really has drawn to a close. And I, like all flaky grasshoppers out there who have somehow made it through the odd season or three, have the fear of winter creeping upon me. There are all sorts of reasons to love the autumn ; mushrooms and chestnuts, apples and walnuts, cider and oh nuts – I bloody hate the cold !

The only good thing about an enforced indoors is having a bit more time to make music. Problem with that though is space, or rather privacy. And this is where our priority choices of the summer really jump up and bite us on the arse. We have a big house, only not a great deal is livable, and approaching our fourth winter with our bed still in the – granted huge – open plan living, dining, kitchen space has me curling toes in awful anticipation.

So I’ve decided to take action, no more grumpy suffering – my boy has his workshop and the girls their bedrooms –  I’m gonna make me a room of my own !

Choice of location ? Well, I reckon our guest caravan will just have to do double service. So I’ve started emptying it out, giving it a good clean and measuring up the space for the addition of a desk. A lick of paint to funky it up and I reckon it’ll be good to go.

So here are a few before pics…

chez moi, to be...
chez moi, to be…


still loking pretty ratty….
But this'll be my view...
But this’ll be my view…

And hopefully the afters will follow very shortly 🙂

Music has been much in all our minds this summer, the kids have finally (feel like I’ve been waiting a long, long time,) asked to learn to play guitar, so lessons have begun in earnest.


Hal and her boys have decided they want in on the fun, have guitared themselves up (thanks to Barry and the Brighton charity shops!) and will be joining us as soon as the strings arrive.

In the meantime, Paul has just finished a total relook of another of my old recordings – this time a song in french. So Cutchus proudly invite you to have a listen….’Tout bas’…

There you have it, another week bites the dust with not a kilner jar filled. We’ve really gotta stop fiddling and get on with preserving all our summers labours or we’ll be playing tunes on terribly empty stomachs this winter…

So here’s to a slightly more productive next week,

mandy x

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