tête à tête

Fleece is my new obsession. Price, colours, thickness shipping costs…..and the reason why is hats, us girls have been making hats and lots of them.

We are going to be sending our hats up to the Calais Jungle and hope they will help keep a few heads warm and they will know they were hand made by a gang of women who just want to help. It feels good to be doing something productive. Solidarity. People coming together for a common cause. Girl power!

So with an easy pattern (even I could do it) to follow we were cutting, stitching and twirling hats in no time. We’ve given each hat an orange ribbon and hope to make a enough of them that they take the world by storm – everyone will want to wear a winter hat that expresses solidarity. Humans alongside humans. Why not eh? Corbyn’s in, anything’s possible with people power!

Make Pixie an off cut collar
More sewing
a productive day

So we like to think of ourselves as upcyclers and not people bordering on a Noz addiction. For those that aren’t familiar with Noz it’s a chain of shops that sell off stuff cheap – end of line and you can find anything there – totally random. Noz treasure and Noz tut, it’s strangely alluring. We’ve not done bad this week, old fleece into hats, unusable rolls of wallpaper became jousting sticks and Noz had baked beans – yay!


and talking of treasure dad came back from a UK trip with a couple of charity shop guitars – looks like Mandy’s got a class of keen beginners on her hands!


Paul’s been busy hobbling around on his broken foot. He continues to beaver away working on the house and in the studio. He’s also been Mr Milking extraordinaire. Mandy and Christophe abandoned ship to go spend the week-end with the rellie’s and as I had flopped as milking apprentice with carpal tunnel Paul stepped into the role and was annoyingly good at it. I wish I had a photo to share but I was laughing too much watching him get the girls in position, get the goats that weren’t to be milked out of the shed and then go for it. He’s got what Stophe describes as an interesting technique but it works and the goats were licking his neck with approval!!!

So I should be writing about all the pickling and preserving we’ve been doing. All the apples that are now picked and in storage. Uh-Oh. We’ve been singing though (cos that will keep us nourished) recording the tune to go with our cooking films. They are coming folks, we will knuckle under and share some tips and techniques. We just need to, well, Focus?!


Carol, Alec it was great to see you both in Honfleur just a shame it was so brief. I won’t forget that ride on the Ferris wheel in a hurry.


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