A Room of One’s Own…


If you’ve been following the blog since the summer, you’ll know that we’re more than a bit rubbish at prioritising. As long as the weather is holding we work outdoors, cook outdoors, eat outdoors and play outdoors. We even constructed the mezzanine on the terrace to make the most of mild summer evenings and roll out the sleeping bags. And then the first grim days of autumn roll in and we find ourselves moving back into a house that isn’t quite ready to receive us…Why the surprise ? It’s not like we expected the renovation fairies to wave their wands while we were otherwise occupied. And it’s not like we’ve ever done it differently…

Things have moved on a little since last winter. The new roof is on, windows are in place, walls have been levelled and beams cleaned. But then the sun came out, oh la and so did we !

So when the first grey clouds blew over a while ago, and the vision of yet another season of zero privacy threatened to drown me, I tried a little creative thinking. What if I staked a claim on the old guest caravan ? After all, the girls each have their rooms and Christophe has his workshop…Choosing my moment wisely (they were all terribly occupied with their own affairs.) I threw out my proposal, got a disinterested go-ahead and immediately launched myself into stripping the van before anyone could second think it.

Once the mountains of junk had been removed I was left with this…


Not terribly promising. It was time to slap some paint around whilst deciding exactly what I was planning to do in this space.

Well… writing might be nice. Uninterrupted writing. Very, very nice.

I don’t know if this just a mum thing, but my family have a bit of a tendancy to ask me where something is before looking themselves. Mostly I tell them, and maybe this is the big mistake, because if I then sit down saying, ‘can you give me half an hour’, they’ll still ask. If I put on my headphones saying ‘imagine I’m not here’, they’ll tap me on the shoulder and mouth the asking…

« The apples are in the bloody fruit bowl !!! » I’ve been heard to scream. Argh! I have a sneaking suspicion that they would have found those apples had I been tucked up in my caravan. So yes, writing. In peace. At a desk. I need a desk…


Another use will be the sparing of my family the pains of songwriting. Composing and practicing demand repetition. Much repetition. You don’t really notice when you’re in the thang, but I’ve been told, and told, that hearing the same line sung over and over (no matter how great that subtle melodic, lyric or rhythmic improvement may be), has listeners yearning to tie me up in a duvet and throw me in the pond. Hmm, difficult not to take it personally and even more difficult to ignore the complaints, which is why playing and writing just stop with the changing season. So yes, I’d like a nice comfy space to sit and play my guitar and wail all I wanna.

Need a bed…


A bed so comfy, that if I can bear to share, visitors would want to stay an extra night!

Got quite a lot of help with the major work. Christophe was even inclined to rig up an electric water pump and get the kitchen working. So whilst sipping the freshly made coffee and admiring his handiwork I considered what else I’d been lacking for the last three years. And I think my most consistent moan has been missing my books. We have crates and crates in the attic and just the thought of a good rummage had me itching to get on with the finishing touches; the carpets, cushions, curtains. Now I am no seamstress, but how hard, thinks I, can straight lines be?

Well, it was a very long day, but after unpicking a couple of vintage silk kimonos I did manage to knock up some rather lovely cushions…DSCF3674

The curtains got hung and at last I could scuttle up to the loft and open some boxes. The first thing to make it down the ladder? My beloved collection of Ladybird books.DSCF3679

Distributed in little piles around the van, ready for cosy winter browsing. What more could a girl want?


Well, a few bits and pieces…including my old computer, piano and music software. Well why not eh? Got the space, all I need now is a little bit of time and a larger bit of inspiration…

So that’s the before..                               and this is the after!

As you can probably imagine, this winter is suddenly looking much less scary!

And I am sooooo excited that Hal and I can finally have our first Tuesday night blogging session chez moi!



Hurrah! for a room of one’s own… I wonder if my family will miss me?

Keep snug ’til next week,

mandy x

4 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own…

  1. Looks like the perfect place to create and think. I too have a room of my own the first since we shared our flat together. My first books to move in were also my ladybirds made me smile when I read that. Some days I just walk in my room also nd read other days I iron ( I love ironing) and some days I do nothing but drink coffee but the main thing is its mine and I love it.

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