Printing birthday kisses

The courgettes that are the size of marrows say it all – an extreme lack of gardening. A big storm, sunshine but a drop in temperature. A couple of cool crisp refreshing mornings which personally I like a lot. Winnie seems to agree and had been running laps around the garden relishing a breath of cooler air.


Toby & Nick have been creating gelli plate prints at this weeks workshop –


having some grandparent time and eagerly await taking over their den.

Paul and the boys have been turning the mezzanine space in our garage into a den – there’s been drilling, sawing & painting going on and the hope is Toby & Nick end up with a space that they can hang out in, put their mark on and call their own.

Elfie turned 15 this week and us girls hit the road to get Elfie the lip piercing she’s been longing for. Coming from Brighton you were spoilt for choice when it came to puncturing your body but now we are all chicks of the sticks we had to venture further afield – Caen. A girly day trip and before the pain we had an amazing lunch at Dolly’s.

Dolly’s on 16 Avenue de la Lib√©ration is pretty special.
Elf and I ran in there to get directions to the piercing studio and soon stopped in our tracks as we realised we were in a buzzy, bustling, bilingual joint. Piled plates passed by full of bright, fresh, mouth watering food – real food. It wasn’t the Vietnamise lunch we planned to eat but we couldn’t resist and we weren’t disappointed. A cafe that offers a fun menu of English favourites, veggie and vegan options in a delightful setting. The cafe is full of mismatched tables and chairs, collections of vintage kitsch and a manager who adds to the friendly nostalgic atmosphere singing along to’ Wild Thing’ on the radio.


Us girls were all over it and filled our boots… I couldn’t resist fish and chips (I’m salivating at the memory) with a firey ginger beer and a hunk of cheesecake that made you close your eyes and groan.



Dolly’s next time I’m in Caen I must pop by for a cream tea. How’s the saying go? You can take the girl out of Brighton but you can’t take Brighton out of the girl!

Dad turned 70 this week too – in fact the same day as Elfie – all these Leo’s!


Mum cooked up a storm of a supper complete with cake and candles and we had a lovely chilled evening together. Dad liked his wild boar hat – that will keep your thinning top warm eh dad?!


We had a laugh taking some grandad and grandson shots to mark the day……





It’s all been rather socialable again this week. Birthdays, spending time with the lovely Sean & Audrey who have been over to their holiday house, the Saint Fraimbault fete, birthdays. Too much food, drink and kissing – with the socialising comes kissing, lots of kissing!
Faire la bise.
The kissing thing can be a bit Marmite – love it or hate it. I’m a bit of a fan. I like how it means you acknowledge everyone, it can break the ice – should we/shouldn’t we kiss? How many? It’s been said that each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain, scientific evidence has proven that kindness changes the brain, impacts the heart and immune system, and may even be an antidote to depression. Touch reduces stress and anxiety. Studies show that even the smallest touch from a loved one causes parts of the brain associated with fear and danger to become less active…..
As I type and reflect on another week in the world of 23littletrees, the sun shines through the window, the kittens sleep curled up together beside me and it’s calm and peaceful. For now anyway!


One last thing, girls where are you laying those eggs?



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