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What a difference a week makes…

So this is all about taking your eye off the ball . In so many ways…

It has been a truly mad summer, zigzagging in all directions, holidays, partys, doings, makings and rekindlings, it was only a matter of time before something had to give ! And like buses and boys, everything seems to have come at once.

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La Rentrée

The post party parties continued. Even taking the marquees down was marked with a impromptu gathering of 30 humans and Thelma the goat who Christophe brought along to join us.

Picture 108 (FILEminimizer)
Thelma and Christophe

It was such a cool week and I wonder if we will ever be able to drag so many over to our part of the world like that again. I hope so.

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keeping cool

The sun has shone, the kittens have grown in size and confidence and the garden swing beds have multiplied. The tomatoes taste eye rollingly good, the strawberries are scrumptious and the broad beans are bursting with flavour. It’s all been a bit summery and I love it!

Cherry love
And now the novice is flying solo….. Mandy has gone to England and I’m garden guardian for a whole week. To say Mandy looked nervous would not be an understatement. In fact, she looked like she could do with a paper bag to help her control her breathing.

More about that next week – when it’s over – gulp.

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Hello June…

Hello June…
Here was I thinking it was going to be a quiet week, nothing more exacting than some serious gardening, when a call from the parents-in-law proposing a visit shatters my illusions. I’ve never been known for rigour when it comes to housework but this time of the year is the summom of slatternliness – with long light days and jobs piling up outside I’m hardly aware of the steady homely degradation that is inevitable with a family of muck monsters. ( I mean it, not one tidy gene between us.) Oh dear, nothing for it than to change the hoover bag, roll up the sleeves and get on with some serious spring cleaning.

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