Seed to Greed

I suppose the idea for Seed to Greed has been hovering around the peripheries of my subconscious for a little while now. I’d been involved with a local amateur filmakers group and that had not only reminded me how fun the filmaking process was but also led me to wondering what I’d really like to make vids about. It was a short hop from the terrace, aperitif in hand, to my garden. From the table already laden for supper, to the idea of filming cookups with the produce that I was growing on the other side of the stream. I grabbed my guitar and wrote what I thought would be a jolly little jingle to use for the titles and then promptly shelved the whole idea.

I’d kind of imagined something a bit silly, life can be awfully serious if you let it and I was, frankly, tired of all things earnest. I pictured lo-fi, fast. Off the cuff, improvised…I needed a foil, I didn’t have one…oh well, add that to the list of ‘things I’d like to do’, and move right on.

Then my daughter forced me into an embarrassing situation where I had to talk to the new English mother at school, and I’ve been quietly thanking her ever since. The new mum was, of course Hal. And with everything we’ve been doing together and talking of doing together since then, it was really only a matter of time before Seed to Greed was back on the table!

Our first attempt, making rhubarb and ginger jam we thought, went terribly well – despite taking five times longer than we’d estimated – but it all collapsed in edit when we realised we hadn’t actually shot the last couple of sequences….We piled straight back in with ‘bottling beetroot’ a slight improvement…and then enlisted a pal to help us transform the hours of footage shot for ‘a load of ol’ chestnuts’ into something worth watching(ish!)

It’s a steep learning curve and we’re not there yet, but we’re both having so much fun with it that the ideas for future vids are piling up. Time to dust down and record that jingle. So, no sooner said than… time to teach the kids their parts and cajole them into the studio. Shyness overcome, harmony lines assigned all went swingingly. The boys were roped in for some extra oomph, then we left Paul to don his producers cap and mix us up a storm… We then shot a whole pile of footage and handed it over to Mark to work his magic. And this, is the result. We’re really, really thrilled with it and hope you enjoy…





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