Seasonal Smallholders

Last Sunday we hosted the 2015 Normandy Smallholders Christmas do. Now there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever find myself saying!!!

For the last few weeks we’ve frequently asked each other, ‘how long ’til the smallholders do?’ As the day drew nearer the lists of things to do grew longer, why did we volunteer to do this we wondered….. Well, why not.

Nothing like a bit of delegation to get things done and we all got stuck in….

Mandy & I blitzed the potager and we weeded every square inch,  made sure the sprouts were standing to attention, dusted down the kale and made sure the garden was 100% ready for inspection. We were so keen for it to be A1 that I put my shoulder out and was then pretty useless……

Anyway. Paul was in charge of lights and music.

Christophe co-ordinated an afternoon in the woods cutting trees, carting them back and setting up the bonfire.

Madame Pickles was on Christmas cake & mince pie duty.

Toby, Nick & Lilla were tasked with the role of car park attendants.

Elfie was our photographer but not before she negotiated the best Crimbo jumper and painted our fingernails and made them all glittery.

Frank gathered mountains of mistletoe, Mandy made mulled wine & muffins, the fairy lights were strung, holly & ivy hung and it all came together…….















……..and went really well.


Poppy joined us too. An oh so cute Cameroon lamb – one of the worlds rarest breeds no less. Poppy’s being hand reared as her mum didn’t have any milk. Well done Tamsin & Bill! In fact, I think Poppy was due to be re-united with her mum today – I hope it went well!

Hal xxx









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