A load of ol’ chestnuts…

After extended deliberation we’ve realised you can only make so many silk purses out of our pigs ears.

Here’s our latest video. We plan on making many more – you’ve been warned. The Seed to Greed project has only just begun…Yes, the sound is appalling and we are well aware we need a microphone but for that to work we’d need a camera you can actually plug one into!

Enough excuses.

How to make a chestnut roast…..

And of course, huge, enormous remerciements to our pal Mark, for his patience and assistance, without whom we probably would still have made it, but it’s not sure you guys would have had the lifetime ( or boredom threshold) needed to watch it! Thanks darlin’ x

’til next time,

Mandy & Hal x

7 thoughts on “A load of ol’ chestnuts…

  1. Very nicely done! I love you two skipping along together at the beginning. What kind of chestnuts are you using? I presume they’re not horse chestnuts, which are the only ones I ever seem to find. Very jealous that you still have mushrooms and tomatoes growing, too!

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    1. Thanks June! We’re trying (extremely note our nearest and dearest!) And yes we’re lucky enough here in Normandy to be surrounded by sweet chestnuts. It’s a common wood for coppicing and used for fence posting, so this time of the year, for the price of a few prickled fingers and some bending and peeling we’re drowning in the beautiful blighters 😀 What a shame you can’t find any near you 😦 Is there not much of a roasted chestnut culture in your neck of the woods? I assumed that was a europewide autumnal treat. Thank the stars for colcannon eh?!! And thanks to you for coming visiting. x

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      1. Good question! I’ve certainly never seen them in Ireland (where there is no nut collecting or roasting culture), but here in Lithuania people collect lots of nuts. I’m not sure whether or not they have sweet chestnuts, though – I’ve never seem them for sale that the markets. But if the weather is nice tomorrow I’m going to go and have a look in the forest!

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