It may still be August but I’m feeling autumnal.
It could be getting the boys ready to go back to school – buying the boys new shoes and stationary – the smell of new books and pens and paper – you can’t beat it.

Or, it could be that we’ve been picking blackberries this week – a job I always associate with my nanna and stepping into autumn. Walking the dogs and then picking loads of berries, coats around our waists warm from walking, talking and seeing a bit of unexpected sunshine. Then she would turn her kitchen into a delicious smelling, purple, bubbling, sticky blackberry and apple jam factory and we would sink our teeth into great doorsteps of white bread smothered in the warm jam before it was shared out amongst the family.

Shock horror! As Toby collected, Nick ate!

Or, it could be that Madame Pickles AKA mum is on fire pickling, preserving and bottling anything that’s edible. Remember the series The Vicar of Dibley? Marmite and banana cake? Only joking mum, you’re a star and thanks for writing a guest post this week xxx
Or, I could be feeling autumnal because it’s been cold and pouring down!!!

Toby serenading the rain

We have seen a bit of sun and managed to sit out under the stars. The sunflowers have peaked though, the rain has flattened them – luckily we got a few good photos of them first.

Christophe taking a sunflower shower

I shouldn’t complain, it’s been a cracking summer and it’s not over yet – this is just a blip to keep the garden watered before a long Indian summer rolls in.
Toby and Nick’s den is now officially their space and is complete with hammocks and a basket pulley system so they can move their stuff up and down. No craft workshop this week but a fun day up at Keith and Maylin’s woodland. The kids and men were metal detecting and brass bullet shells were discovered.
We’ve also been to the waterfalls at Mortain

Had a laugh on les rosalies at Saint Fraimbault de Priéres

It all started off so well – Winnie trotting alongside us
and then she decided she had had enough. Paul had to get the 3 of us back on his own as there was no way I could pedal with a greyhound on my lap was there?!

Mandy and I went sampling some local produce at the apple farm in Sept-Forges

We went shopping for gifts – Mandy is in the UK this week with friends and she wanted to take some local presents back with her. As well as sampling calvados of various ages and other alcoholic apple delights we also had a tour


The traditional way
The modern way. Honestly, you can’t take her anywhere!

So the garden. The garden is exploding. We have organic veg galore at the moment and it all tastes so good. I have wondered if it was really worth all the effort – did I just say that out loud? It is effort, it is time consuming and you can buy all this stuff…..

I have never tasted tomatoes like these before, never bitten into such a sweet corn on the cob that needs no butter, never gorged on such flavoursome strawberries or had so much basil, rich basil at my finger tips. It is SO worth it. It’s organic, seasonal, sellophane free and tastes AMAZING! Not only that but it looks so beautiful. The colours, the shapes. Chilli’s that curl, carrot men, a fork full of potatoes – enormous monsters and tiny babies – why don’t we want to see this stuff in the shops? Who decided vegetables had to be uniform?



We’re a bit proud at 23littletrees and certainly getting our 5 a day.
This week I would like to end by paying my respects to Maurice Abrahams who was sadly killed in the Shoreham Airshow disaster. Maurice was a familiar face as I grew up. Very much part if the community, always happy and friendly. When Paul and I got married he was our chauffeur and really went the extra mile for us. We got married in Lewes and had a giggle as Maurice managed to get his huge Daimler limousine around the small roads and tiny roundabouts – we had to go around the block again as I arrived before the guests – they were spilling out of the pub! Then after the ceremony he stopped so we could have some photos taken in a corn field. As our guests drove past us on their way to the party they beeped and waved and Maurice surprised us with glasses and a bottle of fizz. A lovely man.


Off to market. Will I return with magic beans?

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