Getting our groove on

The sunflower heads are the size of dinner plates and stand towering above us – giants of flowers; the hollyhocks look intimidated. Eyes squinting in the sun to look at them. The bees buzzing in and out of the yellow glow.


The fragrance of the sweet peas has been wafting into the house, a smell that fondly reminds me of my wedding bouquet. Sweet peas, opposite of the sunflowers, a delicate climber, subtle and precious. I’m a fan of flowers and am enjoying having 2 of my favourites on the doorstep.


At Thibois I’ve enjoyed learning about the edible flowers in the garden, that not only look good but taste good too. Borage flowers in ice cubes – what luxury! Bright nasturtiums in salads, calming chamomile that has tea or oil potential and I’ve been reading is good for just about everything!


Paul and I have been married for 11 years this week and just like the year we got married the weather has been beautiful, outdoor living has continued and all is well in the garden.

Mandy and I had a lovely afternoon with Martin and Jan from the Normandy Smallholders group. Visitors of course means cake and so we had scones and chocolate muffins, a wander around our gardens and a very nice afternoon sharing ideas and plans. The apples at 23 are looking good so I’ve got high hopes for cider after some guidance from the pros. The goat debate continues, to goat or not to goat, that is the question. Vinegar mothers – I’d never heard of such a thing. That feeling where everyone is chatting away and you find yourself wondering if your friends have gone completely mad or this is yet another part of smallholding I know nothing about. Turns out it’s the latter. Jan, thanks for the delicious whisky marmalade and Martin I hope your tractor driving is going well.

Martin forgot his sunnies and hat….

I’ve given some plain old white bedding a shake up with tie dye –

Unwrapping all those ties


and got glittery making banners for our stand at the Saint Fraimbault fete next week-end. Mandy and I are going to be entertaining the kids in the spinners tent. We’ll be flower pounding and finger knitting.
Paul has fallen into Lego photography. A long term fan of those bricks that are agony to step on but keep the hoover emptying entertaining. He’s decided to express his thoughts through the medium…..

My thoughts this week have been with supermarkets. Supermarkets are a sure way to get me on my soap box. Processed junk, falling for the marketing, food miles, chemicals and the frustration that despite how I feel I seem to spend hours of my life in the places – grrrrrr. My head this week has been with turning our garage into a non-profit, organic whole food shop. People come along at allocated times during the week with their own packaging and buy what they want by weight. Any garden excess from the growers amongst us could be swopped. Between our garage, the vegetable patch, home produced eggs, Christophe’s cheese, the local Bio farm for cow’s milk and the village shops and weekly market could we avoid the supermarket? A few of us are keen to give it a go and others are keen to shop. A place to meet and catch up with people, get some work exchanges going. Some bulk buying and a big garage tidy lies ahead peut-étre.

A little film to end this week and hopefully make you smile…..


In the office!


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