Critter Country

I sat down yesterday to reflect on what’s been happening lately and realised as I marked down the most notable moments, that it has been quite a beastly week…..

Yup, all manner of beings have been crossing our paths, some more welcome than others.

The rabbits are still running rings around me, and the house and garden – it feels as if every time I open a door they scatter like a gang of delinquents playing knock down ginger – I’ve been trying to capture them on film but blurred bobtails have been about the sum of it until this morning – blink and you’ll miss it !

Hal came over to garden a couple of days this week and was rewarded with her first ever encounter with a mole cricket – un grillon – the thing you hear constantly chirping on hot summer days. It’s an incredible little creature, living hermit like in a little hole that it burrows on a south facing bank – I love it when they move into the garden, but this poor chap had badly chosen his site, coming out of the ground with a forkfull of soil and weeds…


Still it’s early in the season and he’ll have plenty of time to dig another hole from which to serenade a one night stand or two 😉

Lucy Goosie our lone widowed honker has been in seventh heaven since the arrival of the ducklings. She’s been sitting on a clutch of chicken eggs for weeks, it was all looking a bit disastous, but hey, seven babies with lovely palmed feet appear and you can see where the phrase ‘taken under her wing’ comes from ! What a pround adoptive mother she’s become – it warms the cockles to see.


Despite the weather this June being a bit all over the place we have had a couple of warmish nights. The end of last week being a case in point, Christophe and I jump on these occaisions to wander, check out the stars, sit amongst the herd (who always sleep out on these occcasions) and get some serious goat love. We’d been discussing transforming the roof of an old landrover into a nature pod and had wandered over to inspect it for size when the Brightest Glo-worm We Have Ever Seen knocked all creative thoughts aside – magnificent creatures, the video I rushed to make really doesn ‘t do it justice but as we see them so rarely these days I thought I’d share it anyhow….

A Little more animal magic this week has been my dawn goat kid comedy show. We separated the kids from their mothers last month and since then their playground has been evolving. When the days are warm I tend to adopt the mediterranean working day, getting up very early, sieste in the afternoon and working into the evening. Just this week I’ve taken to drinking my first cofffee of the day ringside.

Lets have a warm hand for The Fearless Thibois Tag Team……

And lastly,

what is a blog without a cat ???

Titi, our delightful old tom exhausted from all his wicked bird hunting took full advantage of the removal of a plant from a concrete dish on the terrace, it sat vacant for a couple of hours soaking up the sun before he discovered it…


and made it his own 🙂

’til next week,


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