Week of 25 May 2015

Bank holiday Monday and whilst we were extending the chicken fencing we could hear the fete in the village. We went along later in the day with Mandy, Christophe and the girls. It was all finishing up but we managed to get a couple of rides on the bumper cars and some candy floss in.

Came back to 23 and the kids had great fun running around in the long grass whilst us adults fantasised about tree houses. Unfortunately the evening ended with the kids all rather blotchy, swollen and sneezy! So much for the country air!!!

No school Tuesday – the boys were still swollen. Maybe a polluted city suits them better?!
We had our first blog night here at 23 – wasabi brie and bread sticks whilst we worked – delicious night.

Had a fantastic day at Thibois on Wednesday. The sun was shining and we had a full day of getting stick into the garden. I started the day putting straw around all the plants in the greenhouse. The sweat was running off me but hopefully the straw will help keep the water in and the weeds out. Then I helped Mandy and Christophe vaccinate the goat kids. I love getting involved with the animals and I’ve got a big soft spot for the kids having watched them grow. We sat down to superb lunch – Christophe’s home-made goats cheese with a just picked salad from the garden, crusty bread and a glass of wine. Over lunch we talked about building a bread oven – so many ideas – I want to do it all now!
I then spent the afternoon wandering along the stream picking willow stick to build a wall for the peas to climb. It was so peaceful and such a satisfying job creating the wall and sowing the peas.
We then sat and had tea on the terrace. Mandy had a dictionary on her lap, I had the cat on my mine and we drove ourselves crazy discussing our name – will it be 23LittleTrees???
Paul arrived with the song ‘Those Eyes’ and Mandy and Christophe had a listen. Next step is Mandy re-recording the vocals.
What a day! Tired out but had so much fun. It’s day like today where I feel so grateful and when I think about how our lives have changed and how far we’ve come I can’t help but smile.

Thursday we decided we are 23LittleTrees. Yeeeehaaaaaa!

Friday – how is it Friday already? It was a very very exciting day as Florence, one of the baby chickens has started to lay! 6 weeks sooner than we were expecting! Paul was a bit concerned as she was acting strangely and kept sitting for a long time so I went to see her and she was back to her normal self and had laid her first egg! The cutest little thing that just makes me smile! Well done Florence.

We had a lovely day with my mum on Saturday. Mum brought me some flowers and I’ve put some down here for us all to appreciate during day and some on my bedside table just for me. Cut flowers are such a treat, so fresh and beautiful. As I sit here and type I can see lots of pots of sunflowers waiting to be planted out and the peonies just about to burst into bloom – such potential – just like 23LittleTrees.

Sunday, the last day of May. I woke to the boys singing me a song for mothers day wearing their best clothes at 7am! The rain was relentless but the chickens made me smile as they ran around my feet as we made them some more bedrooms/places to lay.
I then came in and did some cooking. A chunky veg and bean soup – I love how such simple ingredients can so easily come together to make something so nice to eat.
The oven went on and I made a apple and walnut cake which I was pleased with. One of those bit of this, bit of that cakes that ends up working well – don’t you just love it when that happens.
After eating the sopu and cake Paul, the boys and I went off on a bike ride. The rain didn’t stop us having a great time cycling around the quiet country roads. It’s such a delight to see the boys so happy.
Dry clothes, fire lit and a cup of tea….with a bit more cake!


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