Bit of a hectic week, so here’s a round-up.

Bit of a hectic week, so here’s a round-up.
Weather wise….

We’ve had a howling north easterly for the last few days, and despite the sun have been working in jumpers – I think both me and the garden are feeling a bit exhausted by the constant battering. Very bizarre for this time of year – still I don’t think we’re unused to – or likely to get unused to – wierd weather in the near future 😦
First pickings….
Carrot and turnip thinnings, mangetout, lettuces by the bucket, coriander, rhubarb and of course strawberries are all on the menu this week yum yum yum…
Smallholders doing it together…
This Sunday we enjoyed another highly useful, informative and delectable Normandy Smallholders gathering. A group of expat smallholders, who unite to share expertise and experience – I joined a few years ago when Sue and John were head honchos, a role they perfomed splendidly for a long while, but needing a well deserved break they recently handed over the reigns to Jan and Martin who have managed the amicable power shift with aplomb 🙂
It was great to see the usual suspects, plus a few newbies…
Fred and Ed for example, a pair of saddleback/ old spot weaners.

Jan made us a fabulous lunch and we were treated to an excellent hand sheep shearing demonstration by Chris Garrett a most interesting chap who has tons of fascinating experience to share and a great sense of the absurd.

Hals drainage issues led to much poo dicussion (sorry no photos!) but hey, show me the alternative liver who can’t spend hours waxing lyrical on the subject. Great meet guys !

Boys business….

Well here at the ranch Christophe has been butterflying in all directions, preparing the pinion wall for repairs and pointing. Repairing both the chainsaw and the strimmer – he’s out there putting the saw through its paces as I type ! – And of course, cheesemaking, like a champion – the cheese fridge is starting to fill, with all stages of maturity and the hope to freeze enough to take us through this coming winter looks like it will be realised. The downside of this is that while we’re without a dedicated space – or an intelligent kitchen space – the process is extremely disorganised, messy and time consuming. Still little steps;)  And talking little, in France every bridge over water has a sign informing you of the water course you are crossing, well since christophe built a bridge over our little stream he’s been meaning to put up a panel, bah voila…..
And lastly,
New arrivals…
Our friend Lynn, breeder of edible winged creatures (and gardener extraordinaire), passed into our care seven barbary ducklings
 – just out of the cute stage – all feathered up – but still an adorable (and future tasty) addition to the pond field. Unfortunately she is currently plagued by foxes and her flock is being slowly but surely decimated. We think she’s got to go back to breeding geese, those little beggars could keep a mountain lion at bay !!
’til next week,

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